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Myzen Ramen, Sunnyvale, CA

Myzen Ramen is a relatively new place in Sunnyvale; it’s only been open a few months.

We tried the shio ramen ($9.99) and the Myzen/tonkotsu ramen ($10.99).  The tonkotsu ramen broth was quite good, rich and smooth, without feeling too heavy.  The shio ramen was rich compared to other shio broths, with a strong roasted sesame and slight seafood taste.  The noodles were very good chewy consistency, a bit on the medium/thick side.  The toppings were quite good, very fresh and crunchy, including the menma, corn, and black ear mushroom.  The menma (bamboo shoots) were actually some of the crunchiest and freshest tasting I can remember having.  The chashu was okay, nothing special.  The egg was quite good, perfectly soft boiled, with a firm, marinated exterior.  The inclusion of the classic naruto slice was a nice change of pace, and actually added some welcoming friendly color.

Overall, a recommended place.  We also had the fried oysters (3 with plum dipping sauce) and pickled cucumbers, which were good, but standard.  The fried rice we saw on someone else’s order looked quite good, with lots of chunks of pork and onions in it.

IMG_1790 IMG_1792

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