ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Yotteko-Ya, Honolulu

On the second floor of a small plaza packed with Asian restaurants on Kapiolani Blvd, there is the the very delicious Yotteko-Ya.  We went on a Saturday evening, and there was no waiting for a table in the small restaurant.  The food was absolutely delicious.

There are a range of broths there, including a very good paitan (white/milky broth) broth shown below.

Yotteko-Ya Paitan Ramen


The Katsuo-dashi broth was quite good as well, if of course, a lot lighter than the paitan.  The chashu and veggies were very good.  One nice element is that they give you an option of a firmer or softer noodle.  Firmer, chewier noodles are more characteristic of ramen overall, but a softer noodle is closer to local Hawaiian saimin and more Kyoto style.  However, I went with a firm noodle, just because that’s my favorite.   Overall, very good ramen.  I would have maybe like to see some more add-ins, like a nice egg on the menu, but I was very happy and I would love to eat at this place again.  Those who live nearby are very fortunate.

It is worth noting that their gyoza are quite tasty as well.

However, I think an important thing to add about the Yotteko-Ya experience is that the front of the menu makes some very strong health claims.  I am certainly biased towards hoping to believe in them, but it is claimed that the collagen rich broth will help keep skin and joints young.



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