ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Yokohama Iekei Ramen, Union City, CA

Yokohama Iekei Ramen in Union City, CA was the very tasty destination today.  It’s located in a shopping plaza along Alvarado Blvd with an eclectic mix of other shops.  There is a Filipino pork restaurant, a Chinese Calamari restaurant, a South Asian grocery market, and a bunch of other interesting shops including physician’s office all in the same plaza.

The ramen restaurant itself was pleasant and low key.  Seating was a mix of benches along the sides, wooden chair and even padded metal folding chairs.  There were some Japanese decorations, including a picture of Yokohama train station.  It was a comfortable and friendly, yet very casual atmosphere; well ventilated.

Pictured is the shio ramen.   The ramen broth was delicious.  The “classic” shoyu broth version looked very similar overall, although slightly darker.  The shio broth had a nice light flavor, with clam and yuzu.  Overall quite good.  The shoyu broth was quite a bit smokier.  On the menu they also and a blackened garlic broth as well as several different spicy variants which seemed to be a specialty of the shop.  The add-ins were good; the chashu was delicious.  The veggies were all good.  The egg was nicely soft-boiled and then marinated.  The kikurage mushrooms had a nice flavor and texture.  We were given some options for noodle chewiness; I went with “regular”.  The noodles were definitely fresh tasting with a nice chewiness and flavor.  They were thicker than what I favor, but that is just personal preference, and overall they were quite good.

We ordered a side dish of pickled vegetables, which turned out to be a bowl of shibazuke.   Shibazuke is the bright purple mix of cucumber and eggplant flavored with shio leaves, ume vinegar and ginger.   It’s a very common pickle, but I was hoping for a bit more a mix perhaps of pickles.



The appetizer and side dish menu was extensive.  We tried the miso butter corn, definitely a Hokkaido type dish.  It was good, if a bit sweet for my taste.  Might be a good addition to a miso broth ramen as a topping.  Lots of other delicious things on the menu would warrant and return visit.

A nice touch is that the beer (Sapporo) came in a frosted mug.  There was a nice assortment of ramen condiments on the table.   These included a nice grinder for sesame seeds and kosho white pepper & garlic powder mix.   Overall a nice touch.



Overall, a nice place, worth a visit for some tasty ramen.



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