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San Francisco Ramen Festival

Back in July, there was a big ramen street festival in San Francisco.  It was in association with a Japantown J-Pop festival.   Lots of people told me about it in advance.  I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to go check it out.


Basically, the best way to review the experience is to use this video.  The frustration expressed pretty much sums up the whole festival:

It was insanely crowded, the lines were ridiculously long, and the ramen produced in such large volumes and a rapid fashion, served in little disposable plastic bowls that it didn’t even look that appealing.    It was even hard for people to eat, it was so crowded it was hard to have your elbows out to use the chopsticks.  One of the things I love about ramen is visiting a nice shop and having the experience of an “artisanal” fast food.  The ramen festival had all the charm of eating in an airport food court.

Overall, an unpleasant experience and a waste of an afternoon.  I don’t think I will plan on going to any events like this in the future.



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