ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

New England Pickles

One of the nice things about being in New England  in the summertime is the abundance of nice farm stands.  It was also nice to see that the supermarkets had some relatively local fresh pickles for sale.  So I’m showing one of each type here.  The Kosher dills are from Farm Ridge Foods in NY, and they were quite tasty and fresh with a good crunch.



These are some bread and butter pickles that we picked up at a farm stand in New Hampshire.  They were nicely sweet, with pickled onion included.  They were great as an accompaniment to pretty much every kind of summer food, such as stuff from the grill.

IMG_0114Some tasty farm pickles for sure!  Hope you can get something similar at your local farm stand this summer.



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