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Bread from a Can

One of the major New England food traditions is baked beans.  Boston is known as Beantown, and a key part of small town life in Maine are “Bean Suppers”, often held in church basements or the like.  One of the common food items that goes with these baked beans is a steamed brown bread.  Traditionally it would have been made at home in an old coffee can or the like, but you can also buy it in a can pre made.  It may seem strange for some people to buy a can of bread, but the important thing to know is that it is quite delicious.   You slice it up and toast it, put some butter on it, and your mouth with thank you.   It has a rich molasses flavor and a nice softness.  Toasting it gives the exterior some crunchiness.



We sliced up some brown bread, and toasted it on the grill with some natural casing hotdogs, some summer corn from a farm stand (wrapped in foil in the back) and some summer squash/zucchini coated with olive oil and pepper.    We heated the beans in a pan on the stove.


Overall, a delicious meal inspired by a lot of traditional New England food components.





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