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Ramen Shop in Oakland, Redux

Today it was back to the Ramen Shop in Oakland for another visit.  For those visiting, it has a very nondescript exterior, so may be a bit hard to find if it is your first time.  The ambience inside is friendly, a bit on the darker side giving it a more lounge/bar feel, and the Saturday night crowd definitely made it feel like it was a bit of a “scene”.  There is a bar in the front, which serves some great cocktails, and has an interesting beer and sake list.  I didn’t get any drinks this time, but some people in my group got some interesting concoctions which they enjoyed tremendously.

Ramen Shop, 5812 College Ave, Oakland, CA

Ramen Shop, 5812 College Ave, Oakland, CA

The pickle plate was again spot on, with five different things to sample.  The black, Spanish radish was delicious.  I also really liked the cabbage, which was a bit spicy.

Ramen Shop, Pickle Plate

Ramen Shop, Pickle Plate

Ramen Shop Menu

Ramen Shop Menu

Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen

I got the shio ramen.  One of my complaints last time was that the broth tasted artificially thickened, perhaps with carrageenan.  I didn’t taste that way to me this time round.  The broth was quite good, nice flavor and consistency.  I liked the mizuna; I don’t remember having that as a green last time.   The noodles were good, I was probably being a bit too picky last time around.   This time there was a chicken meatball in the ramen.  I’m not sure I’m really into it.  I haven’t been able to get into meatballs in my pho either.  The only meatball soup I like is Italian wedding style.  I also like a good matzo ball soup, which is  almost vegetarian meatball.  Anyway, maybe I just need to get used to ramen with meatballs.  Although, they were tasty.  Again, the egg was fantastic, although you only get 1/2 of an egg.

I didn’t try the vegetarian ramen this time, but it looked quite good.  Overall, a tasty place, and I like their constantly evolving menu and interesting use of ingredients.  i had absurdly high expectations the first time I went, so it is nice to go this time and just be able to enjoy myself and have some good ramen.  It’s quite good.  Unfortunately, it’s quite far from where I live.

Ramen Shop, Noodle Machine

Ramen Shop, Noodle Machine







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