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Ramen Taka Redux

There have been some changes at Taka Ramen since I visited before.  It’s now open for dinner, which is a huge advantage to those of us who live remotely.  The service is still excellent, and the ramen is still great, but even better some of the food offerings have expanded.

In addition to the good hakata style ramen on the menu (their Taka ramen, house speciality, with skinnier, paler, softer noodles), they also have a miso ramen and a shio ramen.  The shio ramen (didn’t get the miso) uses the more traditional, yellower and chewier ramen noodles.  The broth flavors are wonderful.  The house (Taka) ramen broth is very rich and deliciously pork flavored.  The shio broth was light and chicken flavored.  They each included two half eggs, and the eggs were perfectly soft boiled, and I love a perfectly cooked egg in my ramen.   The pork and veggies was very good.

The menu has expanded a bit, it includes a bunch of new things, including a ramen burger, onigiri, spam musubi, and a bunch of other things which I can’t remember.   The absolutely delicious fried rice that they have is still on the menu.  This time, we got two orders of full fried rice serving, because it is so good, and the waiter cooked in an egg at the table on the hot iron plate, a little teppanyaki style.  The fried rice is so good.  It has little bits of pork, green onion, and fish cake in it, and is just absolutely delicious.

The yuzu soda is still on the menu, which is fun and different.

Because I think dinner service is relatively new, it wasn’t crowded at all on a Friday night, unlike many ramen shops of this caliber in the area, which is a great thing.  The staff continue to be exceptionally friendly.  The atmosphere is great; they were showing Spirited Away.    I very much recommend this place.


Taka ramen

Taka ramen

Taka's shio ramen

Taka’s shio ramen

Delicious fried rice

Delicious fried rice



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