Pernicious Pickle Review

I thought today I would review some cucumber pickles from the Pernicious Pickling company in Costa Mesa, CA.



I am going to compare these pickles with Golchin’s Persian style pickles (the Golchin pickles are actually made in India).    A comparison of what the different pickles look like is below.

We are comparing the sweet bread & butter pickles and the spicy habanero hotties.    Consistency and mouthfeel-wise, the Pernicious pickles are very soft, almost too soft as they have only a little crunchiness.    The bread & butter are very sweet, and sugar is listed as an ingredient.  They have a nice rich flavor, and you can get some of the bits of onion with is included.  They mustard and cumin give it overall an enjoyable taste.  The spicy pickles are certainly spicy.  They also have a nice subtle sweetness, probably from the garlic and the fact that apple cider vinegar is used for pickling these.  The bread and butter had a little crunch, but the spicy pickles had essentially none.  They were spicy, but I was able to comfortably eat a few with plain crackers; however, everyone’s tolerance varies and my spicy tolerance is probably pretty high.  Overall a tasty couple of pickles, although I think in the future I’d like to try some of their other offerings to see if I can find something with some more crunchiness.



If you are interested in Persian pickles, there is a nice discussion and comparison of a few kinds:

The golchin Persian cucumber pickles are quite good, nice bit of crunchy snap to them compared to the Pernicious, even though I can tell they have been pickled for a while.   They have some subtle sweetness that comes from the garlic I presume.    I’ve you’ve gotten pickles at a falafel joint, you’ve probably had essentially the same thing.

Finally, I will leave you with some pickle duct tape, in case you need to tape your pickle jars together or something.  So keep on “dilling with it” as the tape says.






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