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How long is an average PhD thesis?

There is a great blog post over on http://beckmw.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/how-long-is-the-average-dissertation/ looking at dissertation length.  It is definitely a standard based upon discipline, as we can see from this figure.



There is some great R code over there to show how to analyze the data from the U of Minnesota’s digital storage of dissertations and create the figures.

Mine was a total of 112 pages, and probably the closest academic discipline on the chart is biostatistics, so I guess it was very close to “industry standard”.   However, a lot of mathematics theses are notoriously brief.

John Nash‘s thesis is about 26 pages of content, has two references (one to Von Neumann, and one self-cite), and led to a Nobel Prize in Economics (1994).  That is efficiency.

John Nash is an interesting dude.

Did you do a dissertation?  How long was it?






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