ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Ryowa Vegetarian Ramen

There aren’t many options for vegetarian ramen, however Ryowa in downtown Mt View, CA has one, and I hadn’t remembered if I had tried their vegetarian ramen.

Ryowa has some tasty ramen in general, and I like some of their options.  They have an oxtail ramen which is not common, and a delicious butter corn ramen.  They also have a really good pork fried rice plate to go with the ramen.  However, as I was doing a vegetarian dinner, I didn’t get any of this delicious rice this visit.

Ryowa Vegetarian Ramen

The noodles were tasty, and the broth was okay, but certainly laking the really good umami flavor which I guess usually comes from the meat.  I got the egg as an extra, and unfortunately it was hard-boiled, so soft runny yolk at all.  The mushrooms had a chewy consistency, like chantrelles which I didn’t like (not the richness of the black ear mushrooms which are my favorite in ramen).  There was tofu, both raw and fried in the soup, and it didn’t go well.  I like tofu in things like miso soup or just alone with some green onions, but it didn’t go well to me compared with the chewy texture of the ramen noodles.  The veggies were decent, but maybe not enough.  I would rather have crunchy veggies than the softness of the mushrooms and tofu.

Although I like Ryowa and I would recommend it to someone looking for ramen in Mt. View, I can’t really recommend their vegetarian ramen.





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