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Naomi Sushi, Menlo Park

It’s been there for a while, but I hadn’t been before.  Naomi Sushi on El Camino is quite a good place.  It is sort of a typical sushi bar in the US, a little fancier than many. The staff were very friendly, and there seem to be a lot of regulars who go there who are familiar with the staff.

That had some good specials, including some bluefin chutoro and some very good aji (horse mackerel).  The simple rolls on the menu (tuna, cucumber, yellowtail, etc.) were quite reasonably priced.

Overall, I would recommend this place.  It’s also near another tasty Japanese restaurant, Gombei, just a block north on El Camino.  Gombei is good for bento boxes, and a variety of mixed dinner meals, not quite izakaya, but maybe more homestyle.  Two good places to get a good Japanese meal for not too much money.





2 responses to “Naomi Sushi, Menlo Park

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