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Dohatsuten, menu update

My local ramen joint in Palo Alto, Dohatsuten, recently revised their menu offerings, and I’ve been going there quite a lot lately.  They added two main new types of ramen, Kurobuta style and Taro style.  Kurobuta is the Japanese word for the delicious black Berkshire pigs.  It is very popular kind of pork in Japan, highly prized by gourmet chefs.  The Kurobuta pork is made into normal pieces of chashu.  The Taro style has the thick cubes of pork belly, very fatty and delicious.  Currently, I’m more a fan of the kurobuta chashu, but you can get the other pork as an add-in for your ramen and double your pleasure (which I did only once).   They increased the bowl size and the portion size at  Dohatsuten went up, and after getting both kinds of pork and a bunch of veggie add-ins, I was hard pressed to finish it.  The yakionigiri with a little side of pickles that they serve continues to be delicious, and probably my favorite side order anywhere.

I’ve been really enjoying my ramen at Dohatsuten, and if you’re in the Palo Alto area, I hope you will stop in.

Kurobota Shio Ramen

Kurobota Shio Ramen

Taro and Kurobota, extra veggies

Taro and Kurobota, extra veggies

Yakionigiri with pickles

Yakionigiri with pickles

Dohatsuten Menu


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