ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Tadamasa Ramen

Tadamasa is a very nice ramen place in Union City, near Fremont, in the East Bay.  The staff was very friendly, and it had a family restaurant type of feel.

For appetizer, we had the panko encrusted fried oysters, which were excellent, some of the best fried oysters I can remember having.  They were large, juicy, and lacking some of the toughness you sometimes find.  They also had a little bit of baby spinach and a delicious sauce, which I think had mirin and ponzu, but was quite good.

We tried the very traditional Sapporo style miso ramen, and the shio ramen.    It was very standard Sapporo ramen, with corn and cabbage.  There was also a little bit of very mild white onion.  The egg was excellent, soft boiled, marinated in tea.  It was very tasty.  The noodles were good and chewy.  The shio ramen had a solid broth, with thick, delicious nori.  The chashu was good.  There was nothing really special or unique about the basic ramen that I tried which would draw me from a great distance.   However, this is a solid, fairly traditional, place, and if I lived nearby I would frequent this restaurant.  There was a coconut miso ramen on the menu which sounds interesting.


IMG_3450IMG_3454 IMG_3452



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