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science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Pumpkin Ramen at Halu

Another visit to Halu in San Jose.

The simple bowl of shio ramen was quite good.  The thin noodles are relatively smooth, but have a great consistency and crunchy mouthfeel.  It’s not shown in the picture, but they also have a nice side order plate, which includes things like half an egg, extra chashu, and a bunch of good veggies.  My only complaint was that the add-ins showed up a bit later than the soup, so the broth wasn’t that hot, so when I added in a big pile of veggies, it didn’t get hot.  The broth was tasty.


The special ramen of this time was the pumpkin ramen.  The nori is cut into the shape of a bat as a nice added touch.  The noodles were a little thicker, and at least here were a little less al dente.  The broth was very rich, with a creamy kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) flavor.


A nice trip to Halu, and some great seasonal ramen.



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