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Ramen Seas, Sunnyvale

Just tried Ramen Seas in Sunnyvale.   Sunnyvale has a nice little walkable downtown area with shops and restaurants, and Ramen Seas is located right there.  It has a back area which suggest they might be able to open it up for outside seating, but when we went they were only serving inside.  We were seated right away, no waiting at all.

We tried the shio ramen to get a baseline comparison and a clam ramen (with chashu and an egg as extras) to try a house specialty.  The broth was quite good in both cases.   The shio ramen had a bit of a seafood flavoring, which was pleasant.  The clam ramen was in a tonkotsu broth that also had had seafood tones (in this case not surprising given that it had clams in it), and some nice roasted garlic flavor.  The roasted garlic was not overpowering or unpleasant as I have found it at other places.  The chashu was decent.  The veggie extras (mushroom, seaweed, bokchoy, green onions, etc.) were all quite good.  However, my egg was very overcooked, and basically hard boiled, which was very disappointing, as I bit into it expecting soft boiled goodness.  The noodles were decent, nothing too surprising.  I prefer a bit more delicate, thinner noodle, but that is just a personal preference.  The consistency of the noodles was good.   The clams in the ramen were decent, although I probably still prefer my clams in a clear, lighter soup if I’m in a Japanese restaurant.

We also got yaki onigiri (pickled mustard greens in one and pickled ume plum in the other).  These were quite good.  They were not overly covered in soy sauce and oil, but they still had quite a good flavor.  They were served hot, with katsuoboshi flakes writhing on the top in the heat.  For someone who hasn’t seen this, it isn’t creepy at all like the thing is actually alive or anything, it is just pleasant like tendrils of tan smoke; agadashi tofu is often served this way, steamed greens too sometimes.    The yaki onigiri will definitely bring me back.  The seafood salad was got was good.  There are a bunch of other things on the menu that I will need to try another time.  They also have spam musubi, which makes me suspect a Hawaiian influence, but I didn’t ask about that.

Overall, would recommend you stop in for a bowl if you’re in the vicinity.


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