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EMR Infographics

What is an EMR?  An Electronic Medical Record, although the acronym is also often used to refer to an electronic medical record system, a computer program or whole IT infrastructure for keeping track of medical records.

Still confused about what an EMR is?  Check out this infographic from HeathIT.gov:

http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families/electronic-health-records-infographic Or this one from Dell:


Want to know more about how EMR systems are used across the country, look at this nice infographic from CRT Medical:


Interested in learning more about particular EMR systems, this infographic from Capterra shows many different ones:

http://www.capterra.com/infographic-top-20-emr-software-solutionsThis popularity index seem to be based on number of installations or overall sales, which is not the same thing as total users.  A large hospital system may have many employees which use the system, while a small clinic may only have a few.

Now that wasn’t so painful, was it?

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