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The Supreme Court and Myriad’s Patent on Disease Associated Genes

National Geographic has a nice bulleted summary of 7 Takeaway points on the Supreme Court ruling on the unpatentability of naturally occurring genes.


One thing that is apparent from watching this process is that it would be really good to have someone with a real technical background on the Supreme Court.  They hear a lot of cases which are associated with technology in various forms and yet their educational backgrounds are all limited to the humanities.  I don’t know what sort of technical support they can get (if any), as it seems like they get their information just from attorneys presenting to them, amicus briefs, and their clerks, but it seems that they don’t always fully understand the science and technology.

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that they ALL went to either Harvard or Yale for law school, no exceptions.  How’s that for diversity of thought.

Kagan: history major at Princeton
Sotomayor: history major at Princeton
Alito: something related to international affairs at Princeton
Breyer: philosophy from Stanford
Ginsburg: government major at Cornell
Thomas: English lit at Holy Cross
Kennedy: political science at Stanford
Scalia: history at Georgetown
Roberts: history at Harvard

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