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science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Kotetsu, Santa Clara

Kotetsu is a relatively newcomer in the South Bay ramen scene.  I ordered the “light” ramen which includes thinner noodles.  Instead of more common shio/shoyu/miso type broths, they had two main broths, both rich tonkotsu-style, but available in a shiro (“white”, sea salt flavored) or kuro (“black”, soy flavored).  I got the shiro, with extra chashu and an extra delicious soft boiled egg.  The karaage was good too.  

Everything was quite good, although perhaps nothing was particularly stand out either.  The noodles had a great consistency and flavor.    You can see from the picture that their house ramen is pretty standard.

There was plenty of seating and no wait which is a great thing, as many good places in the area have a huge wait.  I will definitely go again.




One response to “Kotetsu, Santa Clara

  1. Anonymous February 18, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    These are great. I would love a peninsula roundup review article that summarizes your current findings on the state of ramen.

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