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Psychiatric Comptency – “Madness in the Fast Lane”

What criterion should be use for retaining mentally ill people in custody?  What is the predictive power of differences in psychiatric diagnoses?  Zoom out into you tube to see the videZ

In short, there are two Swedish sisters with very aberrant behavior who both end up running into oncoming traffic right in front of the police and get injured.   One is well enough to leave the hospital and is discharged by the police.  She then goes out and murders a fellow who takes her in the next day. 

It is a very disturbing video to watch, but brings up a lot of legal/ethical/psychiatric issues into how people are managed.   Although it is in the UK, it is relevant to things that happen in legal systems all over.

How much are the psychiatric issues a result of the each sister’s influence on each other?  How transient are they?  What are the implications on how people should be dealt with by the legal/medical establishment?

When are people psychiatrically competent to be released?  When are they competent to stand trial?  When are they legally cupable for their actions?

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