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My new favorite pickle: Hino-na (日野菜)

Thanks to some assistance from friends, I have identified my new favorite pickle.
It is the Hinona Kabu from Shiga Prefecture:  http://www.kitazawaseed.com/seed_224-129.html
It often used in Kyoto cuisine in the winter months.  The leaves and root are pickled together, and then each are sliced up separately and served together, as they compliment each other.  The pickle not only has a beautiful color, it has a wonderful spicy flavor of a sort of mustardy radish.  It is roughly in between a Western radish and a daikon in flavor, shape, color and consistency, and takes the best of each and combines them together.
Some English directions on how to make a vinegar pickle form:  http://foodbeest.com/2011/06/28/turnips/
Some directions on how to make pickles from the hinona (nukazuke style):  http://kyotofoodie.com/how-to-make-nukazuke-pickling-vegetables/
Japanese websites:
Apparently the seeds can be used to make a cooking oil, much like canola oil, and the leaves are like mizuna.

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