ramen and pickles

science, technology, and medicine served up with some tasty noodles

Turtle Tower, Little Saigon, San Francisco

One of the few North Vietnamese style restaurants around, Turtle Tower, serves up some delicious bowls of Northern style pho (ph??? b???c).




Pictured in the foreground is Pho Bo Ap Chao Nuoc, which is stir fried beef with celery, carrot, onion, and leek along with pan fried noodles.  They serve a version where the noodles are not fried, which is maybe a little more delicious.  It has a very rich, smoky broth with a little bit more smooth, slightly oily feel.  The noodles cannot easily be seeni in the picture.

In the background is chickehn pho, Pho Ga, one of the house specialities and perhaps their most popular dish.  It has a very light flavor.

The noodles at Turtle tower are flat and a bit thicker than the Southern style served in most Vietnamese restaurants in America.  It is also served without the herbs and bean sprouts, just with green pepper and lime.  There is also no hoisin sauce or hot sauce such as Sriracha which may be found in other, Southern-style, pho shops.

Overall, an excellent place to get a bowl of noodle soup if you don’t mind being in the Tenderloin.  It’s a short walk from the theaters (Symphony Hall, Opera House, Herbst Theater) near the Civic Center and just a few blocks from the Asian Art Museum and the city library.


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