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Doctor Grumpy in the House: The men on the flying trapeze

Doctor Grumpy’s Blog has a very interesting piece on flying aircraft carriers.  Not made-up ones like in Avengers, but two real rigid airships built in the early 30’s.  You can read his excellent account of their history and exploits:


These were amazing vessels that could seek out individual ships in oceans, and could deploy their F9C Sparrowhawk fighter biplanes for reconnaissance and combat.  They also copied a German design for a little “spy basket” which could be deployed.  The idea being the airship could be up in the clouds, and a little spy basket could be lowered and someone in their could observe what was going on below, and basically be undetectable.

Pretty cool piece of aviation history, and seemingly something out of a steampunk type sci-fi movie.

Interestingly, the Maco now lies at the bottom of Monterey Bay:


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