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Not pickled, but so pretty

Such awesome veggies colors.



Carl Sagan is giving me helpful reminders even now…

???If you???re only skeptical, then no new ideas make it through to you. You never can learn anything. You become a crotchety misanthrope convinced that nonsense is ruling the world.?????? Carl Sagan

Ancient texts, curious undergrads, and new ideas about the world…

UC Santa Cruz undergrad reads about a mysterious spike in carbon-14 in the year 775.  He gets intrigued and uses Google and the content of various projects which scan ancient texts and quickly discovered a reference to a “red crucifix” in the heavens in 774, suggesting some sort of phenomena which might be related.   The appearance in the Western sky after sunset may be a supernova event that was previously unrecognized.



The most important tree in pathology

Logwood  –  Haematoxylum campechianum

 The story of the tree whose coloring properties spawned Brazil (actually, it even named Brazil) and Belize, and is now used as one of the most important dyes in microscopy and histology.  The most important tree in pathology.


More spicy Korean ramen

With kimchi!


Favorite part of the medical center?

What’s my favorite part of the medical center?  Some people might say the patients, others might love the brilliant faculty, still others may love the high tech instruments like the powerful MRI machines.  Me?  My favorite part is ice cream sandwiches and popsicles 24-hrs a day!  I especially love the “strawberry shortcake” ice cream pops and the strawberry fruit bars.


Chinese olives

Preserved plums and Chinese olives, dried with sugar and salt at a new Jerky place in Cupertino Village.


Halu ramen

Shoyu ramen, regular size.

This was really excellent ramen.  Their option for the fatty, more delicious cha-su is a great bonus.  The egg was an add-in, but it was soft boiled very nicely and delicious.  The greens were good.  The broth had a solid shoy flavor with nice fatty richness.

The noodles were very good, it came with the thin, regular noodles.  They had a good flavor and consistency.



Right now this is a leader in my second tier of ramen, meaning places I will definitely travel some distance to eat there.

The first tier only has Orenchi and Ippudo.


Sapporo Ichiban, shio ramen

Decent, light broth. Noodles are solidly good, with a smooth consistency. In addition to the flavor packet, there is a little sesame seed packet. The broth is a very light shio flavor.


There is a side order of pickled radish and eggplant.


Shoyu ramen from Hotei in San Francisco

Decent, fairly traditional.  The egg was a fully hard boiled egg which was a bit of a disapointment, but at least it was a well cooked, fresh egg with a somewhat fluffy yellow.   For some reason, I really liked the spinach.  It is conveniently located to the museums in Golden Gate park.  They also have good sushi on the menu, so a good choice of restaurant if you are with a group who want different things.