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Misconduct in science: An array of errors | The Economist

Although we know the story well, this is a nice overview from the Economist. I’m glad this is being cast as a case of individual ethical failings instead of an indictment high throughput methods, but unfortunately they don’t stress the Baggerly/Coombes advocacy for absolute reproducibility of statistical findings in publications.


ANIL POTTI, Joseph Nevins and their colleagues at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, garnered widespread attention in 2006. They reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that they could predict the course of a patient???s lung cancer using devices called expression arrays, which log the activity patterns of thousands of genes in a sample of tissue as a colourful picture (see above). A few months later, they wrote in Nature Medicine that they had developed a similar technique which used gene expression in laboratory cultures of cancer cells, known as cell lines, to predict which chemotherapy would be most effective for an individual patient suffering from lung, breast or ovarian cancer.

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