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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Bay Area Ramen Challenge

How did people sleep before electric lights and clean sheets?

There is this quick NY Times piece that discusses what may be natural sleep patterns with bi-modal sleep:

Longer historical article on various sleep in pre-industrial Britain and Europe more broadly. It has some interesting literary references even back to Homer

There is even some thought about sleep posture in this medical journal based on primate studies:

Finally, there is a detailed discussion of sleep customs in 10 preindustrial societies in a range of different environments and lifestyles by Carol Worthman with a particular attention to children and environmental factors that influence sleep practices:

Self-healing autonomous material comes to life

Very interesting new innovation from ASU.  By embedding fiber optics in a material, the material is able to respond to structural damage by heating up that region and causing toughening.  This is neatly biologically inspired in that regions that receive stress in bones become harder and more mineralized.  It would be great to develop materials that could callous or become more (or less) rigid in response to usage pressures.